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Activist Christopher Mason launches Mass Action blog

BOSTON (Thomas E. Kilduff) - A new GLBT-rights blog has been making waves in the local blogosphere. "TakeMassAction" was founded by young gay activist, Chris Mason, an employee at the equal marriage lobbying group, MassEquality. "TakeMassAction" is Mason's way of keeping his eye on radical right activity in the state of Massachusetts. While a slight departure from his day job as Assistant Canvas Director, Mason's blogging-by-night is no less inspiring.

"I want to keep it totally separate from what I do at MassEquality," Mason said "and I just want to help regular people, who are otherwise not that into politics, get involved by taking simple actions."

Indeed, the lucidity for action is well-marked by different colored fonts and direct instructions; whether it be calling the governor's office asking him to not de-fund gay/straight alliances or saying "thank you" to pro-equality parent groups in the suburbs. Oftentimes, Mason will provide links to thought-provoking articles that concern the GLBT community. Another hallmark of "TakeMassAction" is what Mason calls "Opposition Research."

"I read what MassResistance is up to and generally keep tabs on what the religious right is saying," Mason said.

Like most bloggers, Mason provides links to the guards of the old media, further strengthening the cooperation between old and new.